Temple of Death is a noncommercial informational internet resource on Russian and English languages (internet magazine, e-zine). It is dedicated to extreme metal music especially Black Metal, less often Old-School Death Metal and Trash Metal. The exceptions are NSBM and Christian Black Metal. Those kinds of Black Metal are not welcome here. This website is created for distribution, research and cognition of extreme metal music and its components as holistic art. E-zine is designed for whom extreme music is something more than just music.

Temple of Death is not an extremist edition. It doesn't aim to insult the feelings of believers. However this website is not recommended for acquaintance for people whose religious feelings can be offended in one way or another.

The website design will be undergo minor changes and improvements so take it "as is". The logotype of Temple of Death is created by "Lord of the Logos" Christophe Szpajdel.


Temple of Death is ready for cooperation and collaboration with other similar internet resources, labels, bands, painters and designers.

For bands

If you want to see your material reviewed on this site in "Reviews" section with sharing and distribution in social networks you must send one physical copy of your album such as CD or tape via post office. It doesn't matter where your album is recorded - in a studio or in your basement. It is important for us that it will be a decorated release with a tracklist and lyrics (if it has). We can request an interview to write a maximum full review if there is no information about the band. We doesn't work with mp3 files and download links.

There is an option to place ads on the site. If you are interested contact us via e-mail.

Meet the team

Plague Angel

Creator, сhief editor and ideologist of Temple Of Death 'zine. Involved in Black Metal since early 2000s.

Feel free to contact us