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On the 15th of January through W.T.C. Productions will be released the new album of Barshasketh. By the way, this will be the 4th official album of the band. Barshasketh is founded in 2007 in New Zealand by guitarist and vocalist Krigeist as a solo project. After recording the first album “Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thradomom” Krigeist moved to Scotland where he built up the full line-up. The band got its name from Be’er Shachat which means “pit of corruption” or “grave (rotting) pit” – one of the seven levels of Hell according to esoteric traditions in Judaism. The new album got a similar title. Conceptually the album reveals the mystery of the cyclic rebirth of personality which passes through the phases of destruction, purification and rebirth. It is also evidenced by the titles of songs in the album:

1. Vacillation
2. Resolve
3. Consciousness I
4. Consciousness II
5. Ruin I
6. Ruin II
7. Rebirth
8. Recrudescence

Recently on youtube channel of W.T.C. Productions was uploaded a music video in support of the new album with the lyrics of Ruin I song which is a damn cool quality, hypnotic and furious Black Metal. This hymn immediately throws the listener into this “rotting pit” for subsequent rebirth and purification. By the way, I have not heard such masterpiece songs that capture you and do not let you go for a long time. Enjoy!

The album was recorded in well-known Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm with the sound engineer Tore Stjerna who had an excellent reputation for working with such bands like Armagedda, Funeral Mist, Merrimack, Ondskapt, Valkyrja, Watain, etc. The new sound is softer and well-balanced in contrast to the previous album “Ophidian Henosis”. All these factors leave no doubt that this will be one of the best Black Metal albums in 2019. Barshasketh definitely passed the rethinking stage and went to another musical level.

Обложка альбома Barshasketh
The offical Facebook page of Barshasketh
Barshasketh’ Bandcamp

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